GroovePages Funnel, Page, and Website Builder


With GroovePages 2.0 you will now have a platform that is:

  • Made for designers. Hell No!
  • Made for beginners that want results.
  • Loaded and ready for you with hundreds of high converting drag-and-drop blocks and templates.
  • Made for Marketers that want conversions.


  • Expertly designed Templates
  • Blocks
  • Landing Pages
  • Conversion Funnels
  • Webinar Funnels
  • Killer Brand Websites


To help you create ‘ Pixel Perfect and Font Perfect”

Uniform design will still convert better than anything on the market today


  • Affiliate Tracking
  • CRM
  • Email Marketing

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Love it… shut up and take my money… Super excited. I just pledged and I am one of the few backers of GroovePages 2.0 with Lifetime Access!
Jonathan E. King
Holy Cow! I’ve seen behind the scenes. I know what these guys create. The game is about to ange and I was their first Backer! You’re crazy not to balit this project! Why pay SO MUCH MORE later?
Stephen Renton

FREE Limitless Product Funnels!

There is no credit card needed. Ever!

We’re passionate about software. It’s what we do, We’re also digital marketers and also our companies have done over $125 Million dollars online. We not only make the software, we build it for ourselves and use it. Once you use Groove™, you are never going to try anything else. Save yourself the money and get start today!

  • Free Account For Life
  • Full Access to GrooveSell™
  • The most powerful Affiliate Software. Period

Who Are Mike Filsaime & John Cornetta?

Mike & John have been the minds and leaders behind some pretty big releases over the past several years, and most of them involve platforms that aren’t that much outside of what they’re putting together now with the GroovePages 2.0 offer. Think Kartra. GrooveKart, GroovePages 1.0, EverWebinar, WebinarJam, etc.

They’ve the vision and the know-how to bring together the programmers, the marketing team, and make sure that this platform will be able to exceed the closest competitor they’ll have (only because of the branding) ClickFunnels. The project is big. If someone can have success these two will, as they’ve again & again over recent years.

I’ve used the GrooveKart platform and it’s good. Over 3 months I created a store, added many products, and had success. Because of some changes in the business model we’re using, we decided to cut this expense to be able to invest elsewhere, but it was not due to the platform at all. It was great.

Why are you offering this so low cost?

We’ve Four projects in motion besides this. This project, to be done right, cost us over $25,000 each month. We’re already $100,000 in development. Wait until you see it! So to keep the pedal to the metal we need you are help and we’ll reward you greatly with LIFETIME ACCESS to GroovePages so you NEVER pay us anything again EVER!

This is a WIN WIN. We do not burn through our hard make money. You and others pledge One-Time and get access for a Life-Time. Pretty Cool right?

PLUS! We need BETA TESTERS. That means you’ll see updates & early access video as well you’ll get Beta or even APLPHA access as soon as July 31st!

So you’ll get early access to get us feedback so that when we open to the public in the FALL of 2019 (They’ll pay more for less) you can help us to ensure it’s bug free and has your feed back as well! THANKS!

Can I get this free of charge?


Well…Sort of.

Here’s how- Stay tuned, because in a few days we may re-open this for 2-3 days to affiliate marketers. Make a few sales (it’ll convert for you) and you get your money back and even perhaps profit. Yeah, we may even you to be a Life time member. How about that?

Stay tuned to our e-mail or the links at the bottom of this page to be ready.

NOTE! You must be a backer to participate in the Affiliate JV. No Exceptions.

How long will this be open?

Limited time… About 500 Backers. Perhaps more. But that’s about it. We’ll hit that in days or even hrs. Act Fast. When it’s gone you’ll pay MUCH MORE for MUCH LESS when we release.

What’s the $997 Offer & do I get it when I pay One-Time for $497?

We were originally going to do this on KickStarter. We decided NOT to. Instead we first posted on Fb and got 250 backers in 48 hours. It went Viral!

You see, on KickStarter, we “were” going to make a $997 offer and a $497 offer. And upgrade the backer to the $997 when they shared the project. FOR YOU, what you need to do are 2 things. One- Pay $497 and become a backer. Two- SHARE THIS PAGE, LIKE, and COMMENT and you get all that you saw in the video!

What’s the Timeline for GroovePages 2.0?

GroovePages 2.0 is 50% done already. We fully expect to do a full release in September 2019 for GroovePages 2.0. However, as a BACKER of this project, you’ll get early access Beta around August 1st. Maybe ALPHA access sooner. As well as sneak-peek updates! Over time and over the years we’ll continue to lead the way with latest features.

What’s the Timeline for GroovePages 1.0?

Access will be granted BEFORE June 1st, 2019. That is days away. In fact, if someone shares this post we will be giving access to GroovePages 1.0 after the backers get access first. So Share and get it Totally free

How do I get Six Months FREE of GrooveKart as a backer?

After you pay to become a backer. You create your account for GrooveKArt eCommerce. Free for Six months. If you want it after that it is just $249 every Six months.

What will the price of GroovePages be if I wait?

$199 per month. Less for annual. It’ll be Monthly or Annual recurring. Pledge as a backer & pay only $497 One-Time and never make a payment again for the rest of your life.

What do I get as a Backer that others will not get?

The best price. See (1 Q Above.). But also you get unlimited: blocks, mockup blocks, sites, pages, funnels, hosting, features. There is nothing turned off. We need help beta testing it and that is why were are enabling you to back this project. You also get Six months free of GrooveKart and you get a free ticket $997 value to next years GROOVEKON LIVE event in Orlando, FL

Can I use my own site?

Yes you can. We’ll have custom domains.

How will hosting & publishing work?

We’ll permit free hosting with or Unlimited Custom Domains (CNAME Masking,) as well as FTP to your server, and downloading of files for backup.

How will the websites be rendered?

We’re planning up making the websites all post rendered html when you add them live. Nothing live from our database. That is the issue with many of the leading builders. They need to call to a database to load all elements. This really slows the servers. Our websites will load lightning fast because they’re just loading html.

What’s the difference between 1.0 and 2.0?

The video explains more. Please watch to see clips of 1.0 and 2.0

Will there be API, Zapier & IPN Notifications?

Just some of the integrations we’ll have are MailChimp, Aweber, WebinarJam, EverWebinar, InfusionSoft, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, GotoWebinar and many more. As well we’ll have Zapier. Plus will will have a full open and robust API as well as an IPN (Instant Payment Notification) System.

GrooveKart Studio – How’s this different?

If you’re a customer of GrooveKart. You’ve GrooveKart Studio. That has about half of the features of GroovePages 1.0 – Sometime before June 1st, 2019… GrooveKart Studio will be Up-graded to all of the features in GroovePages 1.0. Countdown timers, Integrations with MailChimp, Aweber, WebinarJam, EverWebinar, InfusionSoft, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, GotoWebinar, and Zapier, and custom HTML forms. We currently do PopUps on buttons, exit & entry, We’ve more selections for Button Colors, and you can add custom Embed and far more. Watch the video in GrooveKart Academy Dated May 9th for a full demo. It’ll end there.

So to conclude, GroovePages will be for DIGITAL MARKETERS & INFLUENCER EXPERTS that need marketing funnels and even more than GrooveKart Studio. GK Studio does all you need for eCommerce. If all you do is ecommmerce then you do not need GroovePages. If you’re also a digital marketer selling your expertise or software GroovePages is for you.

What else do I have to pay for.


Do I need to pay for website hosting?

No. We include UNLIMITED HOSTING as well as bandwidth and pictures etc.. all for you.

Will you be offering White Labels of this system?

Short answer is no. Not to too many. We can think of maybe 4-5 people that we would consider. If you’re interested, first become a backer. Then reach out to us at our help desk. You need to be a major influencer with a brand. Otherwise you will be happy with our affiliate network.

Can I use this if I’m agency?

Although we provide unlimited domains with this backer project and won’t later, this is for One Family or Business. No exceptions. However, if you are a agency we’ll work with you. We’ve no decided on a price for Agencies that are Backers of the LIFETIME. It’ll be $497 A YEAR LICENSE to be paid the day we go live on top of the backer pledge. If you’re interested, purchase now and then put a help desk ticket i when we release.

What if I do not see my question here in the Frequently asked questions?

Then leave it in the Fb Comments where you saw the video and we’ll reply. We read & reply to all questions.

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