GrooveKart Review

Groovekart: Cheapest eCommerce Platform

After bringing an impact on the market, Groovekart has slowly become popular.

So in this article, you will be able to get detailed information about this eCommerce software.

If you think Groovekart is such a great investment, feel free to continue reading.

What is GrooveKart?

GrooveKart is an eCommerce platform launched on October 02, 2018. After thorough testing and feedback, the final version of Groovekart went live on December 04, 2018. GrooveKart is a platform that Mike Filsaime and John Cornetta had created.

The new platform offers many powerful features, and as compared with other platforms, Groovekart has a lower price. It is, in fact, the better, the smoother, and the most affordable eCommerce platform. So, if you come across Groovekart, you now know that it is the tight competitor of Shopify.

I love the highly converting templates available at Groovekart. You will also enjoy the timers, social proof, scarcity, upsells, bumps, analytics, retargeting, and many others. Then, you can sell the same products with various variants, such as different sizes and colors. There are also other features like categories, analytics intelligence, compelling shipping features, free native applications, support desk, and many more.

My favorite thing about Groovekart is the fact that you can switch from Shopify in just a second. You just need to use the I-click import feature of GrooveKart or grove cart. You can also process the payment through the Groove Pay if you connect it through the Other payment channels like STRIPE and PayPal are also available.

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I am making the switch from Shopify to GrooveKart and I could not be happier. I’m saving money and also converting better. Great Job!

Frank Salinas

When my customers ask me for an e-commerce shopping cart solution I’ll be sending them to GrooveKart. It has so many brilliant marketing tools built in that none of the other cart solutions even offer… and if they do offer them, you get charged to death with monthly add-on fee’s.

I really like that GrooveKart was built by marketers, for marketers.

Rob Burns

What is the Vision and Focus of GrooveKart?

With the help of the product listing pages, check out pages, and upsell pages, it becomes very easy to set up a site and a store. The site pages test and convert to become the higher and the better platform.

GrooveKart’s vision and focus are to be the leading solution for the eCommerce marketers who wants to do the Print on Demand or the Dropshipping. In this eCommerce site, there is a zero-risk for dropshipping. You don’t have to pay for the inventory, shipping, and warehouse of products.

With GrooveKart, you can get profit instantly because of the new built-in features available than any other features available in the market today. The print on demand and dropshipping fully automate your business as a person’s operation with no employees.

What are the features of Groovekart?

I love the following features from Groovekart:

  • Payment is easy. I like how quick it is to take payments. There is no charge for every transaction, unlike other eCommerce platforms. You can have the payment based on your terms. Currently, Groovekart supports Stripe, PayPal, and
  • Groovekart Studio. I love the ‘drag and drop’ page builder available. The product design is also a fantastic tool similar to the layer app that will allow you to drag a pattern to specific apparel such as backpacks, tote bags, sneakers, and also high heel shoes. The studio includes GK AliConnect that has an automated drop shipping. Also, the Print on Demand Apparel is a helpful feature.
  • Plug and play.The interface of the Groovekart is beginner-friendly. Anyone can find it easy to use that there is no need to hire a web developer.
  • Easy to sell.Just click and sell, so there is no need for coding. Make a few clicks, and start making sales. Later on, you will see a conversion.
  • 1-click.It is a good thing that you can add as many upsell without being charged for an extra amount.
  • You can easily switch to Shopify.
  • There is a built-in help desk.
  • There is an integration with the Teescape.

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 What are the coolest features of Groovekart?

Groovekart has everything that you would ever expect from a world-class eCommerce cart. Some of the cool features I love about Groovekart are the following:

You can sell anywhere in the world, and different currencies are not even a problem.

When it comes to the market, you will get a robust shipping system, and fulfillment is built just right in.

Pages come with legal compliance. Groovekart has partnered with FTC Guardian.

What makes the Groovekart unique?

I love the following features that make Groovekart different from each other.

  • There are many ways to convert your money.
  • Plenty of features are available for a less built-in.
  • There are more than 20 built-in applications, and there are more coming at no extra charge.
  • Profits are yours alone because there is no transaction fee.
  • There are many tools available.
  • The checkout page is focused on conversion.
  • There are built-in prints that are on-demand that will help you add products instantly to your store and make money.

How much does a GrooveKart Cost?

There would be two pricing plans for the GrooveKart platform if you decided to sign up on this eCommerce platform.

For annual pricing, meaning to say you will pay for the platform once a year, it costs $997. If you prefer the monthly plan, you will get the price of $149 monthly.

There are various payment channels available. You can pay using American Express, Mastercard, Discover Card, or Visa. You can also use other payment channels, such as PayPal.

One great thing to know about Groovekart is the 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can refund your money within the days allotted. The period starts from the first day of your commitment to the GrooveKart.

What are the product design tools at GrooveKart studio?

I love how to set up the design with GrooveKart studio. Customers can tell that it is the best design tool.

  • The online resources provide more than 20 000 and clip arts from favorite stocks like Openclipart, Pixabay, and social accounts.
  • Both mobile and tablet are supported. You won’t have any worries about how your store design looks on mobile or tablet. Customers can place their orders using whatever gadgets.

  • There are available translations that range from more than 95 languages because of the powerful translation API. It also supports RTL languages in just a click to activate it.
  • GrooveKart studio is terrific as it supports multiple apparel or items of the product. You can easily design a banner, brochure, shirts, and others.
  • You will like the built-in printing and shipping. You really don’t have to do so many tasks. Just choose or create the design and sell.
  • There are more than 800 available Google fonts. You can also add a custom font to the system.

What can the Layer App of GrooveKart Studio do?

I like how I can just add custom layers. There is no other platform that allows the user to drag the patterns to the apparel for an off printing. There are even hundreds of hot selling designs that are included. For products for men, women, and kids, you can apply the creative designs available or create your own.

  • Creative design. You can choose from the available patterns, and you just need to add them to your store.
  • Create a custom design. You have to follow the PSD Mockups to have the designs made.
  • There is no need for an inventory. When you make a sale, the items are printed.
  • You can have your unique products, and look like a massive store because GrooveKart automates everything from the printing to the shipping.

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What is Printing at GrooveKart?

At GrooveKart, you get the best quality printing, and the prices are absolutely fantastic. It is built right in at affordable prices. It is an absolutely low price.

With the integration of Teescape, GrooveKart has even made better. Just create a free account with Teescape and add the items to your store. The good thing about it is that you only pay when you make a sale, and the profit is for you. Only mark the amount that you prefer, and Teescape will ship it immediately after you pay.

  • Automated and monitored.Teescape is fully automated and paperless. It starts from the submitted order to shipping. You will get superb processing and handling of the orders. Besides, the team engineers monitor the system to make sure that all things work smoothly. In short, the orders do not get lost in the dark.
  • Triple control.There is a triple quality work control from the production of the product like t-shirts. There is a person in charge of checking it and make sure that the artwork is printed rightly. Also, the print is checked to make sure that it has the highest quality. So, if there is a problem, everything will be corrected before the product is shipped on its way to the customers.
  • Artwork and processing.Teescape takes control of the sizing and positioning to make sure that the artwork looks great on the garment.

Who is Groovekart for?

Groovekart is actually for everyone who has an interest in selling online. If you want to run an eCommerce platform online, you can consider running Groovekart. It does not require any coding skills or technological skills. For as long as you are interested in selling online, you can always go with Groovekart. In fact, developers made this platform for you. They want to help you make business easy.

Although there are other eCommerce platforms available online, Groovekart seems to be better than them. You get something different from the common features. One thing is for sure with Groovekart; you do not limit your business growth. Groovekart can boost your sales.

What makes Groovekart better?

Using GrooveKart, eCommerce is made even better. It has the most powerful features for eCommerce, and you get a meager price. There are no confusing features; everything is easy to understand. All its features contribute to the greatness of the tool. In fact, according to Brad Costanzo, no eCommerce platform is more powerful than the Groovekart.

GrooveKart is made easier for you. You can start firing your technology support system because you won’t need them anymore. You don’t need any web developers because, at GrooveKart, it is a plug and play solution.

This eCommerce platform is made affordable because of you. Just pay once, and you get the service of GrooveKart for the entire year. The features are more than anything that you pay monthly. Taking this tool will save you money, and no other tool can have the same promise.

GrooveKart is made to convert better. The good thing about GrooveKart, it does not bloat the software with features just to have features. These features are designed to maximize the conversions that you will get. There is no coding needed; just a click and sell. You don’t have to worry about being up to date because GrooveKart makes sure that it is always up to date. You will surely make more sales without doing a lot of things. Just upload your products and let GrooveKart do the rest. It is the number one business solution for your eCommerce platform.

Let me try to compare Groovekart from other eCommerce platforms. E-commerce platform sets up your online store and promotes your products and sell them. The platform also takes care of the shipment. The task that you can carry out is managing orders and taking care of the shipping details as well as the payments from the dashboard.

So, what makes Groovekart really special? Groovekart is special because of the following reasons:

  • Excellent for the beginner.Using Groovekart, building your store is the easiest thing to do. As a newbie, you will find this platform a great help. Therefore, it is an excellent
  • Very affordable.Just think about it, if you use Groovekart, you will save a lot of money from your investment. You can save money for other things or even other investments.
  • Plenty of social media tool.Compared with different eCommerce platforms, Groovekart has many social media features. Social media has a vital role in growing your business.
  • Easy convertible. You can easily convert your Shopify with Groovekart in just a click or vice versa.
  • Very easy to maintain.It does not require any hardship on your part. You can find comfort because of the easy navigation and the features that prompt customer support.

Can I use GrooveKart for mobile and desktop?

Yes, you can use both. Nowadays, most people surf using their mobile phones. For this reason, the checkout page is ready for making sales of any type of technology that you use. Besides, you will get the following great reasons for using GrooveKart:

  • Other than any platform, it is the fastest loading page.
  • There are order bumps to increase sales. Must-have orders are available options for
  • The countdown timers for the scarcity and urgency is a great tool to increase conversion of up to 25%.
  • There is a social proof of purchase because the recent transactions are being seen. This feature is standard at GrooveKart but very expensive for others.
  • GrooveKart shows the product bundles to increase the conversion rate.
  • There is a pre or post check out in just 1 click.
  • Since buyers don’t like multiple pages; the checkout option is on the same page.
  • You can control the reviews that you want to show or to hide.

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What makes GrooveKart different, more productive, and better?

There is a massive difference between GrooveKart and other eCommerce platforms.

  • There is a free, world-class page and funnel builder with a built-in free hosting.
  • GrooveKart has built everything right in. You will get an additional of $299 per month and a 3rd party funnel builder solution.
  • You will take advantage of the premium design tool that can make you have any design that you want. For example, store, T-shirt, coffee mug, and iPhone case.
  • You don’t have to pay for other third party functions. GrooveKart built them all in for free. In other eCommerce platforms, you pay for these platforms. You don’t have to pay for the apps that you need. As I said, in GrooveKart, you are free to use them.
  • Your revenue is yours only if you want to use other means like PayPal, Stripe, and a merchant account.
  • Compare with other tools, GrooveKart does not force you to make the third party your partner. For example, if you get a $100 sale, the $25 goes to the advertisement while the other $25 goes to the shipment. Your $100 sales give you a $50 profit and then deduct 2%.
  • Using Groove Pay is the most affordable one compared with Shopify payments and PayPal or Stripe.
“I have been looking for an E-commerce solution & found Groovekart to be the simplest, most effective, most flexible, and most affordable solution for all of my needs. The best value bar none. I am a customer for life.”
Kevin L'heureux

What is my final thought on GrooveKart?

GrooveKart is undeniably the most effective way to start and run your business online in a profitable way. GrooveKart is faster to set up, it is easier to use, and it is very affordable. You will get more leads, more sales, and more revenue. GrooveKart has everything you would expect for an eCommerce cart. You will get free hosting for your products, check out pages, templates, categories, variants, and recurring billing solution. GrooveKart is different, more effective, and better. I don’t see any bad reasons for not trying GrooveKart. It is the cheapest eCommerce platform.

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