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Experience Product Masterclass – Are you searching for more knowledge about Experience Product Masterclass? Please read through my honest reviews about Experience Product Masterclass before selecting it.

Introduction: Experience Product Masterclass

There is a problem in our industry: up to 97% of those who buy training courses never complete you, and never get the results you were promised.

For years, Marisa thought, along with many of her peers, that was just the way things were. That was until Marisa started experimenting with creating products in a radically different way — drawing from the worlds of entertainment & gaming to work with the brain’s natural motivation & reward system.

The result?

Marisa was able to flip the industry stats on your head & get 50-97% of her students hyper-engaged & into action. Many of students reported that they’d become “addicted” to her programs.

Since then Marisa have proved the Experience Formula over & over again in their own work & with their students who are now teaching programs using this formula. They have proven this in dozens of industries in dozens of countries with dozens of types of products.

These ideas are HOT! And hitting the market at just the right time. You are tapping into the very real doubts and concerns that visionary entrepreneurs already have about creating “yet another product” that stops you dead in your tracks.

Their last release, in November 2017 brought in over $1 million in sales, 37% more than 2016’s release, which was quite a feat, given that almost all launches in the 2nd half of 2017 were DOWN by 40%+. It paid out an astounding $36.40 per opt-in at a 1.65% opt-in to sale. Their top partner earned $50,567 in commissions, plus over $103K in prizes, over $152K in total!

Experience Product Masterclass Overview

  • Creator: Marisa Murgatroyd
  • Product: Experience Product Masterclass
  • Release Date: 2018-Oct-10
  • Release Time: 09:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $1997
  • Sales Page: https://liveyourmessage.com/
  • Niche: General
  • Video Training + Companion PDF: Click Here
  • Download The Blueprint: Click Here

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What Is The Experience Product Masterclass?

The Experience Transformation

I was able to flip the industry stats on their head and get 30-90% of my students hyper-engaged and also into action. Many of them reported that they’d become “addicted” to my programs.

Since then I have proved the Experience Formula again and again in our own work and with our students who are now teaching programs using this formula. We have proven this in dozens of industries in lots of countries with dozens of types of products.

These ideas are HOT! And hitting the market at just the right time. They are tapping into the very real doubts and also concerns that visionary entrepreneurs already have about creating “yet another product” that stops them dead in their tracks.

Throughout the sales process, Experience Product Masterclass presents its potential students with a mission:

Your mission, should you select to accept it, is to design, market & make $2,000 or more from an Experience Product® in 2.5 months or less, so you can get off the marketing treadmill, make more sales, and have more impact.

In it, you learn how to:

  • Identify the perfect market for you, personally, to serve
  • What product to sell to that market
  • How to message, brand & position your product
  • How to build a series of experiences around the information you are presenting so your students, customers & clients achieve the result you desired when you invested in your program
  • 5 different ways to market & sell your product fast

And, of course, Experience Product Masterclass is not just ABOUT “experiencifying” information, it IS an Experience Product — which means that you are going to LEARN the Experience Formula… while EXPERIENCING it for themselves. (Which, as you know, is the BEST way to learn!)

Plus, as part of the course, the students you will refer will actually create & SELL your Experience Product, making $2,000 or more from that product within 2.5 months, making the course essentially free for you, and giving you an actual product you can use to build income in the future.

Here is what She mean…

They guarantee that you will make at least $2,000 from your Experience Product® in 2.5 months — if you do the work — or She will personally send you a check for the difference — up to $2,000. That means She is personally guaranteeing your success.

Does it work? By the end of last year’s program, over 45% of their students hadn’t just completed, but you’d made over $2000 during the timeframe of the program. And an additional 20% completed all required trainings. Would not it be nice if every program had that kind of success rate?

How’s THAT for a real risk-removal guarantee! 😉

Who’s This For?

The EPM is for entrepreneurs who want to leverage your time by creating products, programs or courses. It’s also for existing product vendors who want to get better results for your students, customers & clients.

While the focus is on leveraged 1:Few or 1:Many products, they also teach entrepreneurs how to apply this to 1:1 work — and they encourage beginners to start 1:1 before going to 1:Few or 1:Many — so newbies, coaches, consultants & service providers can also benefit.

The EPM is especially appealing to individuals in the online marketing & personal development niches, though the principles & system it teaches works in all niches.

Their students have created Experience Products® & Services in dozens of markets, such as Reiki, Publishing, all kinds of Coaching & Consulting, Education, Careers, Online, Local and Traditional Marketing, Health and Wellness, Personal Productivity, Relationships, Spirituality, Sex, Art, Design, and Non-Profits, generating tens of thousands of customers & millions of dollars in sales.

Why You Will LOVE This Program?

I just hit my stretch goal of $6,000 for a 1:1 coaching program I set up & launched in basically a day using the pricing model & mission statement from Experience Product Masterclass. I’ve never made that kind of cash from one program or even in one month!”
– Mary Schiller

“I took the outline and Experience Product Masterclass approach to one of my past Automotive clients & they signed up straight away for $120,000 /year for me to coach & train their staff through their annual strategy cycle. The experience focus is what clinched the deal.”
— Raglan Tribe

“Our lives have completely changed since Experience Product Masterclass!!! With our first release we enrolled 15 students and made over $90K. We were not instructors before – no prior course experience and no list. The money is wonderful but the real magic is we have rave reviews from our first class!”
– Davina Detrik

“Before Experience Product Masterclass we’d had four launches. The first 2 were exceptional launches based on discovery sessions where I spoke with every prospective customers personally. It was great, except I was exhausted & bottlenecking our process.

Then we’d two leveraged launches where I was largely removed from the sales process – and our results were very disappointing. We realized that we needed our message to be a lot more clear, relevant & urgent for people to want to work with us, if we were not going to rely on my charisma.

People would tell me, “I am doing this because of who you’re, but I do not really know what I just bought.”

Thanks to Experience Product Masterclass, I am communicating to the heart of my potential customers- I know this because they’re telling me! I am getting fan mail back every time I send an e-mail to my list & my email open rate has risen from 15% to 28%. Finally my product offers a tangible result my community knows they need & want. ”
– Nihal Kaur


“It’s A Great Deal. Should I Invest Today?”

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