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An effective tool for finding and selling hot, top-trending products on the internet!

Are you an online marketer looking for the best-selling products to sell in your online store?  Are your sales figures dwindling each day as less and less people are buying your products?  Would you like to make money selling fast-moving products without any stress but with bigger profit margins?  Then read on.  I have an interesting service that would do that and allay all your fears and concerns.

Welcome to Ecomhunt!

Ecomhunt is actually a drop shipping website ( that rescues you from the hassles of finding hot and trending products that are selling on the internet on a daily basis.  It is just as simple as that and, trust me, it works.  However, in addition to find these top products, Ecomhunt goes further in teaching and guiding you on how to sell them fast.  Once you have found and selected your winning products, you have access to selling them on other platforms such as Amazon, WooCommerce, Shopify and ebay.

There are millions of products on the internet and finding the right ones that are selling can be a huge challenge and costly in time, money and other resources.  What Ecomhunt does is to do the searching and finding for you (so you can go to sleep while the wind blows) and presents those products to you to pick and choose and then sell them on valued platforms.

How Does It Works?

Take a look at any of the products featured at this site and you have the following data available to you on that product:

  1. Profits
  2. Analytics
  3. Engagement
  4. Links
  5. FB Ads
  6. Video
  7. Targeting

  • Profits – Here you receive the profit margin of the product as well as the CPA and net margin.
  • Analytics – Shows the source of the product, how many orders have been placed on it, how many votes and reviews it has received and its review ratings.
  • Engagement – Provides you with the number of likes, comments, shares and reactions the product has received.
  • Links – Available only to the Pro users, Links actually provide you with the links to the actual supplier of the product on AliExpress. Using import plugins you can then import the product and its details into your online store.  You also receive links to other stores that are selling the product and at the same time you get access to any other top-selling products in that store.  Now, can it really be any better than that?  You are actually getting more than two for the price of one!
  • Video – Ecomhunt gives you a free video of the product that you can use on your site or use in your Facebook Ad targeting or other forms of marketing campaigns. Facebook Ads and Targeting – As you would expect, you are not the first one to sell this product. So this feature allows you to have access to the Facebook Ads that are already up and running for this product.  Get real, you say!  You may decide to use any of the existing information and titles from the existing ads or you can decide to create yours.  The feature proceed to run a Facebook ad targeting campaign for your product.  That is just so cool, saving you more work and stress.

EcomHunt Review For Winning Shopify Product Research

So How Do you Get on Ecomhunt?

As simple as A, B, C.  Ecomhunt offers you two subscribing options:

1. Free Subscription: This is for those who might still be doubting the website, who want to check it out and tread carefully.  In the free subscription, you receive –

  • Two products per day
  • Very limited data on those two products per day
  • 5 saved products
  • 3 days’ notification delay on new products, and
  • No access to the community

2. Pro (full Subscription): At a monthly subscription of $29 per month, you receive the following –

  • Unlimited products per day
  • Full data access on all products
  • Unlimited Saves
  • Zero delay, and
  • Part of the private community

Currently, there is a discount of 30% for early subscribers.  They pay $20 per month instead of $29 per month.

Ecomhunt offers a 30-day money back guarantee for their services to set your mind at rest, should in case you are not pleased with their services.

Additional Benefits and Offers

Take a look at these exciting benefits and offers:Webinars and Tutorials - For Free and Pro users, you have access to the “How to Choose the Right Products” webinar.  Pro users have access to “All About Facebook Targeting,” “Understanding Your Facebook Ads Results,” “All About Facebook Ads Scaling,” and “Increase Your Store Conversion” webinars and tutorials.

Winners’ Club – This is for the site’s top sellers who has made at least $5K in sales.  The club serves to celebrate you and your achievement.  Also, by associating with the successful niche in the community, you get to learn directly from the masters in the trade.

Blog – All users have access to an interesting blog where you receive further training and first-hand experience from other sellers.  You also get to read about some amazing success stories and how they achieved it.

Shopify Apps – Ecomhunt offers some interesting shopping apps.  Oberlo is free but for Hopify, Hurrify, Loox, Wheeli and Bundle Upsell, there is a monthly subscription ranging from $6.99 per month to $47 per month.

Product Saving – This allows you to save products you are interested in but not ready to process or proceed with immediately.  In the Free version, you can only save five products while it is unlimited in the Pro version.

Ad Hunter – Available to both free and pro users, Ad Hunter is offered as an extension to your web browser and it literally allows you to “hunt” after sponsored ads on Facebook.  It provides you with the details and the statistics of those ads such as how long they have been running, the volume of traffic they have received, the countries being targeted and other useful data.

Compared to other product search tools, trust me when I say that, for the subscription price, you are getting your good money’s worth for the features offered by Ecomhunt.

Cool facts before They discuss what is new about this version:

1) In the last Two months of testing you guys made over 15k orders (over $320k In sales!!)
Insane right? Imagine what will happen with more users $.
2) One of our users even bought himself a new S8 car!
3) Almost every user is earning money after 1-4 weeks thanks to Ecomhunt.

So what will you find in their new version?

1) Categories for faster search & related products.
2) Sorting and Filtering system to make sure you do not miss products.
3) New product types: Free + Shipping, Retail price, Funnels.
4) Saving products you like for later use.
5) AliExpress real reviews section on each product.
6) Comments on each product

And much more…

Pros and Cons EcomHunt

Like all other product out there comes with their good and less favored sides, EcomHunt features its own Pros and Cons.


Fb ad insight: EcomHunt gives it members Fb targeting & insight about their daily selling products. With this, you’ll know the nation to target, gender, age etc. They’re literally doing all the hard work for their members

Hot Products: one thing you can ever be sure of with EcomHunt is having access to selling products. The great part is you will know these hot products before they go viral.

Niche Products: I believed EcomHunt only finds the popular & competitive products, but little did I know that you could also find your hot selling niche products. They’re various niche, so all you need to do is browse through and discover the appealing product for your store.

Fb AdHunter: this chrome extension is a large deal yet they make it a totally free tool to their members. With this tool, you can spy on your competitor’s ads on Fb & modify the ads to even sell better.


Free Membership: the free membership plan’s too limited. All the cool features allowed are available for the Pro members

Limited Products: The daily products could actually be increased.


“It’s A Great Deal. Should I Invest Today?”

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