Designrr Review – How We Use Designrr To Grow A List, Build SEO, And Drive Sales

Repurpose your online content in just minutes to create fascinating and lead-generating content to increase leads and traffic to your website and increase revenue.

Introduction: Designrr

Content is the driving force behind all online activities. But creating effective and amazing content takes time, effort, money, and other resources. Even when you have successfully created your content, with time, they get outdated or stale, and you will need to overhaul them again.

With Designrr, you can now repurpose your content without stress and at a surprisingly fraction of the cost.

Designrr Overview

  • Creator: Paul Clifford
  • Product: Designrr
  • Release Date: 2016-04-19
  • Release Time: 12:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27-$97
  • Official Website:
  • Niche: Software

What is Designrr?

Designrr is a software tool that enables you to create e-books, dynamic flipbooks, web pages, pdfs, show notes, and transcripts from existing content, podcasts, blog posts, and videos. With Designrr, you can easily create e-books, flipbooks, and transcripts within minutes. It is cloud-based and does not need any downloads or installation. You can set up and start using Designrr within minutes of subscribing to a plan.

Why Designrr? Your online content is a crucial factor in the success of your online business. Creating good, effective content is not easy, and, after a while, there is a need to overhaul your online content. Rewriting existing content or creating new ones can be challenging, takes times, and costs money. But with Designrr, you can create fresh content from your existing ones to increase your traffic and create leads that enable you to reach out to new audiences.

With Designrr, you can:

  • Transform blog posts in pdf e-book
  • Convert word document into epub e-book
  • Transcribe YouTube videos into pdf e-book
  • Publish podcast as a pdf e-book
  • Transform blog post in a dynamic flipbook
  • Turn YouTube video into a blog post
  • Publish pdf as a dynamic flipbook
  • Convert podcast into Amazon Kindle e-book
  • Turn a podcast into blogpost show notes

Who is Designrr For?

Regardless of the size of your online business or marketing campaign, Designrr has something important for most businesses and professions:

  • Brand Marketing: Rebrand your product and image, and increase your brand recognition by reprocessing existing articles, whitepapers, blog posts into dynamic flipbooks, PDFs, e-books, blog posts
  • Coaches: Are you a coach of some sort? Do you create content for your students and trainees? Establish your image and authority by creating your brand (if you do not have one) or by rebranding your content into consistent form and format
  • Content Marketers: Dramatically increase your email list by creating proficient lead magnets within minutes from your existing content with Designrr blog post to e-book feature
  • Course Creators: No matter your articles, blog posts, and whitepapers, recreate them into blog posts, e-books, dynamic flipbooks, and PDFs
  • Market Agencies: Save hundreds of hours with the aid of branded templates, matched to each client’s brand, and increase the value of your services to your clients by repurposing your content into blog posts, e-books, and PDFs
  • Podcast Services: Publish Show Notes and transcripts with Designrr’s AI instant transcription service and get ten times more downloads and traffic to your website
  • Small Businesses: You can increase your subscribers and in turn, increase your customer base by converting your videos and blog posts into e-books that can be used as a lead magnets
  • Video Creators: Designrr’s screen capture editor and auto-transcriptions enable you to convert your YouTube videos into lead magnets, e-books, and blog posts resulting in increased and wider audience and channel subscribers
  • Webinar Marketers: Designrr can transcribe your webinars, which can then be emailed to your contacts, resulting in more conversions and sales.

How Designrr Works

With Designrr, you do not need to search for content designers to re-purpose your content.  You can produce beautifully-crafted e-books within minutes that you can publish immediately, regardless of your technical skills. Also, with Designrr, you save:

  • Hours of having to write your content from scratch
  • Between $300 – $500 on outsourcing redesigning your content to costly freelancers or professionals
  • No purchasing of or using expensive design tools such as InDesign or Photoshop
  • Up to $500 on design templates

So, how does Designrr work its magic? Well, in five simple steps, you will see how this tool can transform your business.


  1. Select Your Source

The first thing you do in Designrr is to identify and select the source whose content you wish to re-purpose. Designrr works with a wide variety of media formats. You can import such content from Apple Pages, PDF e-books, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Face-book pages, blogs, white papers, audio, video, and YouTube files, and websites, and more.

  1. Review Your Draft

Designrr imports all content as a draft into its in-built editor that is specially designed for writers and editors. You can revise your content using this editor. You can also add video screenshot, speaker names, block quotes and highlights, and customize your transcript. If you are done, or still reviewing your content, you can save it for use or review later, or, if you are done, export it.

  1. Select a Template

Once you have concluded reviewing your content, you then go ahead to choose from Designrr many templates according to your brand, style, or taste. You can upload your images or add from Designrr’s copyright-free images. Once you have chosen your template, you can further change its cover, headers, font styles, and footers. Don’t forget to add that “call to action” at the end of your content.

  1. Customize your Design

Even though your blog post, e-book, or PDF is already looking smashingly good, you can put final professional touches to it by changing background colors, adding page numbers, changing the cover, create 3D cover image, or add page numbers. Designrr gives you a variety of tools to create that masterpiece.

  1. Publish

Once you are satisfied with your content and design format, with one click, you can publish it to a PDF, Kindle, epub (iBook), or to any website. Your final work is also stored in your cloud account on Designrr, allowing you access to it anytime, and from anywhere.

Designrr also gives you several options to export your ebook, such as:

  • Uploading to Apple Bookstore
  • Embedding your ebook into your blog
  • Selling on Amazon (Kindle)
  • Transcripts from your audio or videos can be embedded directly into your website
  • Embedding your SEO friendly Show Notes on your blog,
  • Creating lead magnets from your content

Video Demo

Demo video : Don’t settle for the small video! Click the fullscreen button and Watch in HD

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  1. Select Your Source

Creating Flipbooks is as easy as ABC using Designrr. Choose from many sources such as PDF, MS Word, URL, Facebook Profile or Page, and another document, or just simply start from scratch.

  1. Select Your Template

There are over 200 templates for you to choose from. These templates are fully customizable, and you can select one or two-column options, in A4 or Letter size. You can also choose a variety of other styles.

  1. Tweak and Fine-Tune

Here you get to put final touches to your blog post, ebook, or PDF. You can add additional images of your own choice, or choose from Designrr’s library. You can also create 3D covers, cover image, add page numbers, and many more.

  1. Publish Your Product

With just a single click, you have crafted a beautiful PDF which you can publish as a Kindle ebook, an ePub, or as a PDF Flipbook.

Key Features of Designrr

What are the key features of Designrr, and what makes it different from other ebook creators? Well, here are just a few:

  • Unlike other ebook creators, you can import content from any source including Facebook profiles and pages
  • You can import as many posts as you like into one project
  • You can import entire web pages as well as posts
  • No additional tool (such as WordPress) required. You only need the URL of the website to import contents, and it works on a large number of websites.
  • Create an ebook in just two minutes
  • Easily create flipbooks from any MS Word document, web page, PDF in just 30 seconds, and that works on mobile and HTML5 (no flash).
  • You have free access to unlimited designing, formatting, and styling options, including a versatile image editor and project draft editor
  • Add Table of Contents and auto page numbering into your content
  • Your final product can be delivered in a variety of formats such as (Kindle, Mobi, ePub)
  • All links in your final PDF are clickable
  • Transcribe any video within a tenth of its play length plus one minute, excluding the uploading time which depends on your internet connection
  • All your cloud data are secure and safe using secure logins and SSL encryption

What Can You Use Your eBooks For?

Though you have saved a lot of money, time, and resources creating your super, professional ebooks, what can you do with them? It is not just enough to finish them and have them sleeping in your cloud storage. They should start working for you. And here are some suggestions on what you can use them for:

Generate More Leads

Leads are key to increase sales and revenue to any business. Everyone loves a giveaway. You might create an ebook to giveaway in promos, sweepstakes, and many more.

Reprocess Your Content

No one enjoys reading, viewing, or watching the same old stuff over and over again. So, bring new life into your content by reprocessing them and thus give your contacts and visitors a new look and feel.

Popularize Your Brand

People tend to associate and flow with known names and brands. Your ebooks can help you increase your brand awareness and business credibility.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Unlike vehicular traffic that no one hopes will increase, traffic to your website is a good thing and something to be greatly sought after. Your ebooks, Slideshare, and PDF sites can drive such traffic to your site which can bring about leads and, in turn, sales.

Build a New Business

If you obtain a commercial license, you can increase revenue by creating ebooks for clients’ use.

Market Your eBooks

If nothing else, you can sell your ebooks on your website or other sites to generate more revenue.

Designrr Bonuses

Yes, despite the amazing software that you already have in Designrr, they also offer you some interesting bonuses:

Bonus 1: Enjoy a FREE commercial license to create and sell ebooks to your clients. This free commercial license, worth $497, grants you unfettered access to all designs, and you can reuse and resell them without having to pay fees or royalties. You can also sell your work in various market places like Fiverr, Upwork, or

Bonus 2: Receive a FREE digital copy of the book “Content marketing for Dummies” by Paul Clifford. From this book, you will learn how to market your business and ebooks online. The book also outlines the PICASSO 5 Step Framework that teaches you how to carry out content marketing without stress. This book is worth just over $20 on Amazon.

Bonus 3: Join Designrr’s Facebook family of over 9,000 members strong to receive FREE community support and coaching. Enjoy personalized training, weekly live streams in various implementation guides, software features, and coaching topics

Designrr Plans & Pricing

Designrr offers you FIVE different plans according to your needs and circumstances. The table below gives you a comparison of these plans:

Designrr has saved us so much time in our business. We like to make blog posts & then repurpose them as PDFs on several other web-sites. It’s been perfect for SEO. Using Designrr we have managed to spread our content all over the place and it takes about 10% of the time that it used to. It is really an integral part of our business now.

Matt Wolfe
Hustle & Flow Podcast
I’ve been using Designrr for about 30 days & produced dozens of topic specific ebooks for my counselling and coaching clients for my Mens Health improvement organization. They love them and are quite useful for cutting the clutter from 100s of web-sites.

Stephen Bennett
Designrr made it ridiculously simple for us to create and then publish an e-book that looked fantastic, was easy-to-read, and looked incredibly professional. The tools included allowed us to quickly pull in the information we needed and sort it in a way that made the book flow. Editing the content was just as simple! We were able to drop in our own media as needed throughout the book and make it really stand out. Designrr has been a critical part of our success!

Nelson Ruger -
Designrr works for me like a virtual editor — I give it content & it gives the content a professional feel and look. This removed between 30% to 50% of my workload so I’m able to get ebooks to the market faster. VERY HAPPY I found this!!!

Tamara & Follett
We were able to 3x our revenue by adding e-books as an option to our content services. The perceived value for the customer is huge & we could charge more. The secret’s by using Designrr we’re able to save so much time the extra work is almost nothing.

Josh Clifford
This was the best choice I ever made. I registered when it first came out. The software is very flexible & new features are added regularly. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anybody involved in e-book creation & internet marketing. The ability to actually advertise inside your own book(s) alone is worth the price. We’ve produced well over Sixty books using this tool and have sold products and certainly increased both our email lists & our web site visits.

Dave Warren
The guys behind this product have an incredible after sales client care service. I was dubious until I took a chance & went with them. Im so glad I did!

Roger Daniel, Radio Presenter

Designrr alternatives

Sqribble is a powerful eBook creator tool that can help you design books within a few minutes. This means you do not need to waste the time and effort, trying to explain a designer what you want. You also do not need to buy expensive software to design your book. Instead, this cloud-based e-book creator gives you the simple to use means to create & publish your e-book from scratch.

Our Final Verdict

A lot of effort has gone into producing Designrr to ensure that it does what you and I require. Check out the price plans above and select one that is suitable to your needs and business. Good content generates traffic and leads and, eventually, sales. Increase your revenue with the many ways discussed in this article enabling Designrr to boost your business online.

Besides, if you buy this product through my link, you can also get these huge bonuses below (Please remember that these bonuses are not for the TRIAL or FREE versions):

  1. I am not into starting an online business but I need tools, templates and photos to help me develop a guidebook for children and young people that will be printed in hard copies. Can Designrr help me with this?

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  3. How does designerr help you to rephrase the description or content of sites?

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      Designerr has been pre-programmed so you don’t need to care about that, you should buy the product and experience it to be realistic, you have 30 days to refund.

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