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What’s Connectio?

Connectio is the most powerful tool to automate and to optimize the Facebook ads. It is one of the most powerful and strong Facebook marketing tool. It can be used for any size of organization or business. Connectio is purely Facebook based tool which helps people and businesses to advertise their products and services to their clients in the most efficient and effective manner. Connectio is based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The company has developed a lot of such tools which are helping Facebook users to improve their experience. The team has struggled a lot to make such tools and software to take advantage from Facebook ads. However, the most awarding and rewarding tool of this team was Connectio.

The company has decided to share their tools with the rest of the world to empower other advertisers on Facebook so that they can enjoy the same competitive advantage. Connectio is available to every Facebook user and advertiser. It aims to become one of the most effective and most used software to promote advertisement on Facebook and to make more effective and attractive Facebook ads. Connectio is fully determined to provide the best quality services to its clients and customers by staying at the top of the list. It is struggling hard to ensure its position at the top of the list.

Connectio integrates with:

Wilco de Kreij is the founder of Connectio. He started his career as the full time online marketer at the age of 16 years. He started his career by selling sun-glasses using various online websites and platforms. He did not stopped his struggle at this stage and developed various other online marketing tools and platform including various WordPress plugins. Soon he gathered around him best developers, programmers, online marketing experts, and best designers to take his online marketing platform to number one in the world.

Mission of Connectio is to empower marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners to use Facebook TM ads in more effective and productive manner. The companies can advertise their products and services to their clients using Facebook ads features. It is actually a cloud-based system which does not need any sort of installation or download. There is no compatibility issue as well. The user just needs a device, and internet connection, and Facebook account to get started. They can buy and sell their products using this platform. The next thing or feature in this regard is that the organizations can also target the customers on the basis of their likes and dislikes using their Facebook information and their Facebook activities.

The next important feature of the Connectio is its ability to integrate with other online marketing platforms and channels. It can easily integrate with more than 50 such platforms. The integration helps to share and exchange information between different platforms. The major integration is with more than fifty auto-responders and CRM’s. Some of the most significant and the most prominent integrations of Connectio are with ActiveCampaign, Autopilot, autorespond, ActiveDEMAND, AgileCRM, arp Reach, AWeber, click funnels, and various other such online platforms are considered in this regard.

The next thing is the products offered by the Connectio platform. It is offering four major products to the users or to the advertisers and marketers. These include ConnectAudience, ConnectExplore, ConnectLeads, and ConnectRetarget.

Personal Experience about ConnectAudience

I have personally used the ConnectAudience to sell various online products. I used this feature of Connectio to sell clothes and footwear online. It is one of the best advertisement and online marketing tool. It has completely changed my view and experience about the online marketing software. It helps to increase the revenue of the subscriber by 243 percent. This software is a profit making machine and it helped me to improve my ROI profit by 2021 percent. I found several things interesting about this software which I would like to share with all. The first thing in this regard was the time saving. The software helped to me to save a lot of my time.

It helped me to save the time I spent for targeting my customers and clients. It is basically a cloud based system which helps the advertisers to make the lists and the notes of the likes and dislikes of their clients and customers. The advertisers can do grouping of his clients and then these are targeted accordingly. The same thing I did to target my customers. I made group of my regular clients and then I also created the groups of the frequent visitors who showed interest in the project. I used the ConnectAudience to connect to these groups instantly and within short period of time. It sent the notification to the user groups about my any latest post or activity. In this way I was able to save my time using this software. All my contacts were informed about the new posts in just a single click.

The next thing or the important advantage of this software is that it helped me to increase the effectiveness of my marketing activities. It helped me to target my clients and customers in easy manner. In the same fashion, it is secure channel of marketing. The security protocols are very tight and strict which prevents the marketers and advertisers from data hacking and data breaches. The customer confidence and increased and there is no such issue of data leakage. All these things directly influence the effectiveness of my marketing activities and strategies. I was able to market my products and services to diverse groups and with effectiveness. The service quality is very good especially the graphic scheme and graphics options are wonderful. These helped me to attract more clients and customers throughout the world. It can easily integrate with more than 50 such platforms. The integration helps to share and exchange information between different platforms. The major integration is with more than fifty auto-responders and CRM’s. Some of the most significant and the most prominent integrations of Connectio are with ActiveCampaign, Autopilot, autorespond, ActiveDEMAND, AgileCRM, arp Reach, AWeber, click funnels, and various other such online platforms are considered in this regard.

Personal Experience about Connectretarget

I also experienced Connectretarget to improve my online marketing. One of the best thing I liked about this application of Connectio was that it helped me to understand the behavior of people about my website and products. It is often seen that most of the people are subscribing and then un-subscribing a certain platform within no time. The platforms are sending them bundle of emails to the subscribers on the daily basis. The people get so fed up from such emails that they don’t even open the mail and delete it. Some people report such emails as spams and they report to their service providers about such emails. It is the major reason that most of the online marketers complain that their email subscription is decreasing day by day. They are facing serious shrinkage in this regard. It causes tough competition among the online marketing platform and eventually it causes failure of the online systems.

Connectretarget has given a new dimension to this thing. It has implemented the re-targeting strategy. One of the primary things used in this strategy is the use of re-targeting the customers using images and graphics of the products they are marketing. I did the same thing to re-target my customers. I used Connectretarget to send emails to my subscribed groups with best quality images of the products I was marketing. I took pictures of the clothes and footwear with different and attractive backgrounds and used these images as the subject of the emails. I noticed a huge change in the sale and response of my clients. More than seventy percent clients replied me to ask about the further details and images of the advertised products. More than seventy percent people who showed interest in the products ordered for them. In this way, my profit was increased by 44 percent.

Personal experience about Connectexplore

I have wonderful experience with Connectexplore as well. It is helped me to explore new ways and ideas to target more clients and customers to increase my productivity. Another important feature of Connectexplore is that it is easy to use. There are little formalities such as creating account and making lists and advertising the products and services. In the same fashion, it allows instant access to the online platform the interface is simple which does not requires special set of skills to operate. It helped me to become an expert online marketer in no time.

Despite of a lot of benefits and advantages, there are numerous limitations and cons which are still to be solved and they need special attention of the programmers, and developers of the global Connectio team. The first and the foremost thing in this context is that it is a cloud-based system and which cannot be installed or downloaded. It cannot be installed in the local machines. The next thing is that there are a lot of security issues related to the cloud-based services such as hacking and data breaches. There are various types of attacks such as MITM, DDoS, worms, and viruses which can attack the system and they can compromise the security and integrity of the system at first hand. The hackers can steal the confidential information of the marketers and their clients and they can use this information in criminal and illegal activities such as ransom. For instance, if a client buys something and he wants to pay the bill of the particular thing or item and the hacker is breaching the information regarding the amount and the account of the marketer. He can attack or alter the conversation and the account information and he can replace the account information of the marketer or the customer with his own account then the money is directly transferred into the account of the hacker instead of the account of the marketer.

Another such limitation is that the software does not provide details about the subscribers and the non-subscribers. It does not provide the feedback and the inbox activities information of the users. The marketers is not aware about the response of the client that he has opened the email or not or he has just deleted it. Who is the subscriber of the service and who the non-subscriber.

To sum up, I can be said that my overall experience regarding the use of Connectio is wonderful. It helped me a lot in improving my online marketing skills and to improve my profit and savings. It enhanced my profit about 44 percent. It is wonderful application and I suggest all the online marketers and advertisers to experience it to improve their business and marketing abilities and income collectively.

More Details About ConnectAudience, ConnectExplore, ConnectLeads, and ConnectRetarget.

And About Connect Automate

Connect Automate is rule-based tool, helping you to identify your best-performing posts & convert them into ads.

To be more specific, it looks into your system to see the posts with the highest engagement & transforms it into advertisements. By this way, instead of wasting money on ineffective posts, now your investment will go to the right posts, which can result in sales.

Pros: easy to use

From Facebook expert

Wilco (its developer) give many insight in email & video

Cons: I think the development phase is slow, we need more feature

Overall: I buy this tool when they release their special price,

I think they still have their special price, just got it

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