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Connect Explore Review – Facebook Ads Targeting Made Easy

Connect Explore

Running a focused and profitable ads and marketing campaign on Facebook

About Facebook™ Advertising

Making sales is about finding a need and meeting that need.  People have many, varying needs and interests and finding them out is not an easy task.  The more people’s needs and interests you discover and service, the more sales you make.  And the more sales you make, the more you smile to the bank.

Almost every person who is online has a Facebook™ account and virtually all online businesses have a Facebook™ account, group or page.  With literally millions of such accounts on Facebook, it is an accepted fact that there is no better place to advertise your products than on Facebook.  However, finding out people’s needs and interest can be challenging.  When ads are not targeted to interested customers and fewer people click on your adverts, it leads to a lower click rate which in turn leads to you being designated by Facebook™ as a bad user experience.  This translates into higher charges for your ads and declining profits.

As you spend money on Facebook™ Ads, how do you find out profitable, untapped interests?  How do you ensure that your advertisements are being delivered to the right set of people, to those who have a genuine interest in your product or service and are more likely to make a purchase?  Unless you can increase the chances that your adverts are delivered to those interested in your products, money spent on such advertising would be money wasted.

Now, imagine a tool that can help you to do just that.  Yes a tool that can help you automatically search and generate a list of highly likely potential buyers of your products based on their interests and desires. This same tool can also help you direct and target your advertising towards them.  No, it isn’t a scam but an absolutely legit software tool called Connect Explore.

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Meet Connect Explore – Its Features and How It Works

Connect Explore is a software tool that enables you to focus and target your Facebook™ Ads to those who are highly more interested in your product or services and more likely to make a purchase.  But what makes Connect Explore different from other targeting tools in the market?

Most targeting tools only has access to Facebook™ regular application programming interface (API).  This is a set of protocols that give them access to Facebook.  However they do not have access rights to Facebook™ Ads API.  Facebook™ is very stringent with granting access to its Ads API and such is only given to some companies after those companies have undergone and passed screening and scrutiny tests.  The manufacturers of Connect Explore had passed such tests and have full access to Facebook™ Ads API.  Without access to Facebook™ Ads API, other marketing tools cannot access the interests of Facebook™ members and as such, they are unable to give you reliable data and statistics on Facebook™ members’ interests that can assist you in your marketing campaign.  In contrast, Connect Explore has full access to Facebook™ Ads API and such access accounts for its uniqueness in the features, functions and usefulness of the software.


  1. With myriads of people competing for the same interests as you, Connect Explore, with a simple and easy to use dashboard, enables you to find people with hidden interests (that are unknown to your competitors) in a more effective way than other tools.
  2. Connect Explore allows you to enter a keyword (or keywords) pertinent to marketing your product. From the keyword and the use of its auto-suggest and search-extension features, other related keywords and additional interests is generated.  It qualifies each interest and ensures that only highly usable keywords are selected.  The software allows you to save your interests as “projects,” allowing you to review, build on or add to them later.
  3. Forty Three (43) languages are supported by the software allowing you access to international markets not accessible by your competitors.
  4. You can proceed to create layers of interests (like an advanced filtering) in targeting options that enables you generate a list of potential customers that are interested in your product based on their interests and in turn increase your conversion rate. Thus, rather than target only those interested in mobile phones, you can simultaneously target also those equally interested in mobile phones chargers, mobile phone batteries, etc.
  5. With just a single-click, rather than copying and pasting your results, you can add the interests you have generated and approved directly to your Facebook™ Ads manager.
  6. Split-testing requires that you set up an ad set for each targeted interest. Setting up, tracking and running each ad set for a numbers of days (to get meaningful results) can be very time-consuming and expensive.  Connect Explore eliminates the need for split-testing.  It allows you to breakdown monitor and analyze each of those interests that are working and those that are not.  Detailed performance statistics are provided for each interest in your ad campaign.  Also with Connect Explore, there is no need for any additional external monitoring tools to measure or analyze the results of your campaign.

In summary, in the words of the author, and we can attest to its authenticity, this software tool allows you to target “audiences that are hidden from your competition, RATES those audiences for profitability, & helps you serve PRECISE ads for maximum ROI.”

How Does Connect Explore Works?

In four simple steps, you can begin to target those hiding profitable interests on Facebook:

  1. Discovery: Your first step is to discover interests that are hidden from your competitors which you can target.
  2. Filter: Next, your filter down this list to the best options and the best possible potential buyers who are likely to be interested in what you are offering.
  3. Target: You then apply your generated results to a precise interest in order to achieve the highest return on your investment (ROI).
  4. Monitor and Analyze: You monitor the applied interests and track which are working and giving you the best rewards.  Failing or low-performing interests can be modified or discontinued to save effort and resources.

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Who Can Benefit from Connect Explore?

  1. Local marketing consultants.
  2. List Builders.
  3. Social Media Marketers.
  4. CPA Marketers.
  5. e-Commerce Marketers.
  6. Affiliate Marketers.


Normally it requires us multiple hours of research to find those laser-targeted interests in a new niche. Connect Explore automates it for you, saving us hours of time!

We used Connect Explore on a new Shopify store in a new niche we have never entered before. So far, we have made $9603 pure profit – on just one item!

Luuk Olde Bijvank

Connect Explore has the most comprehensive FB interest targeting I have EVER seen! The stats are to such minute detail that if an interest isn’t converting you know it immediately! Wilco`s creative wheels never quit turning. Thanks!

Robert Stone

Once again Wilco & his team have created a tool that will help me earn more money with my FB advertising while simplifying the process of doing so. I get clear Return on investment from his software every time – thanks!!

Michael Cooch

Only a few days left with our promo & we have now tipped over 208,000 subscribers using UpViral. Thanks again – your app has released my business and possibly changed my life!

Troy Muir

How to Get a Copy

Despite the wonderful features bundled into Connect Explore, with a one-time life access payment of $197 for ConnectExplore, the authors are offering you a 30-day free access to what they call ConnectSuite.  This implies that once you make a one-time, life-access payment of $197 for ConnectExplore, you receive a 30-day, free full feature access to ConnectSuite, a suite of marketing software tools (namely ConnectAudience, ConnectRetarget, ConnectLeads).  They are convinced you once you try out these products you will want to become a permanent customer of ConnectSuite.  If you are not interested in ConnectSuite, you can cancel your subscription within the 30-day trial period and you will not be charged anything.  However, if you decide to keep ConnectSuite, you will be charged a subscription fee of $97 per month. (You should learn more about Facebook Ad Guidelines, Facebook Ads Targeting Made Easy))

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