Connect 365 Review – Simplest Way to Get More Clients

Whenever you look online, you will see a bunch of internet marketing tools.

Connect 365 is just one of them.

All of these promise to give you an unlimited source of revenue.

Do you think this works?

Read this review of Connect 365 to find out more.

What do you get from Connect 365?

Connect 365 is the better and the more straightforward means to get a high paying client on autopilot. Using Connect 365, you can do the following:

  • Close deals with many high-end clients.
  • Help you get in front of your new prospects.
  • Make 90% of your work automatic.
  • Work quickly without losing your personality.
  • Save time and resources.
  • Build more and more clients.
  • Automate follow up after-sales.
  • Automate your prospect outreach to get more clients.
  • Nurture effective leads.
  • Book appointments better.
  • Increase attendance in your webinars.
  • Attract new partners.
  • Automate the process of collection.
  • Improve communication with the client.

What else can you get in Connect 365?

For a software solution to generate business, there should be a strategy in place.  It is good news that as a Connect 365 member, you will have access to the training library.

In the training library, you can learn how to launch a product using the Connect 365 system. You will also learn how to use LinkedIn and email relationship to generate qualified leads and bigger opportunities. You can get samples of the top-performing emails for sales to follow up.  The secrets on how to reach out to the media outlets in developing good relationships with high-end publications, podcasters, and influencers are also shared. You will also learn advanced techniques for writing scripts and how to build your list of prospects. Members are also taught to develop a promotional calendar that is tactful and non-intrusive. Plus many other contents that are exclusive for members only.

The training library is always updated. New information is also being uploaded for members to access them. If you think about it, Connect 365 can charge $1500 for this, but the members of the system can have access to this information for free.

How much is Connect 365?

Let us say for a fact that registering in Connect 365 is one of the best investments you can try on. You don’t have to ramp up sending plenty of emails in a day and eating out all your time. To get access, you have to be a member. You can start by choosing the proper plan that fits you and your business. Below are your options:

  • Full license at $400 a month.You get unlimited contacts, emails, and campaigns. You can have access to detailed tutorials and the step by step instruction.
  • Unlimited access at $ 1487. It includes the training library and every article and lesson included in it.
  • The most popular is a single license at only $67 per month. This price is only available for the charter members at a minimal time. Typically, it is $1764 annual license. You can try it for free and have a 14-day trial period.

Why not join Connect 365?

Plenty of cheesy tools to market online are spreading. Connect 365 is not an excuse. If this works, I will buy it.

Connect 365 promises you to earn without doing anything. It claims that even though you are spending your time on a beach, you can still earn. I saw plenty of proofs. They are people on the pictures sitting on the sand and have a laptop on theirs to collect their paycheck.

I was not born in negativities, and I am not cynical here. But pictures like that imply some bad ideas. They steal something from the people by selling their dreams of productivity without working on actual.

I am just saying that Connect 365 cannot make magic to create a bulk of clients for you. What Connect 365 does is to automate the consuming aspect of your marketing business via LinkedIn. It can send hundreds of messages to your prospects. If before it takes hours, it is not anymore the case now. It only takes a few minutes.

Connect 365 is a solution to your real business problem when it comes to marketing. It helps you economize time and resources. Things that you that require plenty of time is not anymore the case for now through this. It is a high-end tool for business owners like you.

So, why not join Connect 365 at all? I don’t see any reason why.

What are the Features of Connect 365?

For you import your email campaigns to Connect 365, upload a CSV file or a spreadsheet. Include the target name and their email. It can be from LinkedIn, CRM, or people you have just met in a specific event.

Label your prospect to a different group with the use of tags. This way, you will remember their origin and the campaign that you will put. Also, you can customize your message in each segment to resonate them.

The magic happens. You can make a design for your email campaigns for prospect outreach or sales follow up, recruitment, reminders, webinars, and client communication. It is effortless to use the email interface. It is designed for your campaign to run quickly.

In the campaign builder, you can set the schedule of the email to reach your prospects. Just enter the specific dates that you want. You can also send emails on timed intervals. It can be every two to three days or once in a week, whatever is your preference. You will be sure that your receiver will get your mail during the time and day that you set.

You can also automate your response. Your prospects don’t have to wait for your reply for a long time. By the way, there is no unsubscribe button unless you want to give them the option. You can set it up based on action triggers.

Using Connect 365 will not let you experience darkness about how your email performs. You can filter and analyze the metrics. This way, you will be able to monitor your email campaigns closely. You can also optimize them.

What makes Connect 365 different than others?

Connect 365 is the simplest and best way to have high-paying customers on autopilot. You can build a good relationship with your cold prospects. You can also nurture leads to the client using this simple and streamlined automation. Plenty of reasons pinpoint how Connect 365 is different than other similar tools in the market. But, I made a summary of all them into four:

  • There is no 3rd party branding.

Unlike other software available nowadays, they got a lot of 3rd party branding. It is automated, but it is putting the prospects on defense by hitting unsubscribe. The advantage goes to Connect 365. The output seems like you took time writing a personal email to everybody on a one-on-one basis going to their inbox.

  • You can close more deals with clients that are high-end clients.

Using Connect 365 increases your chance for your emails to be read. It will start to build a good relationship with your prospect clients. From that, it will increase the effectivity of your market. You will establish rapport and eventually lead to a sales appointment.

  • It automates about 90% of the work.

Without even losing your personal touch, you can automate 90% of your work to be done. Connect 365 is designed to save your time and do the job efficiently. You can easily use it and quickly send follow up to the clients. You can grow your business quickly.

  • Have access to the blueprint library.

One of the features that make Connect 365 better is its email blueprint. The practical training lib is very beneficial. With its help, you can quickly write a very engaging email. You can build a list of your prospective clients and many more.

Does Connect 365 fit you?

Connect 365 is not intended for everyone, but it is perfect for your business. Examine if you are this person if it is you then it fits you.

  • You are spending a lot of time sending emails.
  • Doubt the current automation service you are using.
  • Understand the importance of follow up and staying just in front of your prospect.
  • You want to increase the volume of your sales appointment.
  • Think of selling high profit from the products and services.

Comprehend the importance of building a relationship and trust with the consumers.

Before today’s session I had to share with you the final results I received from the homework already.I sent out 500 e-mails from a cold list yesterday with the first message. Fifty addresses were dead. Thirty new people joined my LinkedIn group. Twenty three people want me to profile them and have requested phone calls. Dude, this is great. I’m a solopreneuer, author and cash coach. I am thrilled with what has happened in just Twenty four hours.

Janine Bolon

I followed the recommendation you gave during the training week, I sent an e-mail to my contacts that were “dormant” from the past couple years and the results were Four customers contacting me again just this week.

I have now got some checking our apartments and also houses, both are very interested in buying!

Richard Andrews

What is my Verdict?

 Access to Connect 365 can make you discover how to create an email that will be delivered, noticed, and read. You will never need anything else anymore because Connect 365 is enough. The automated system can reach out to thousands of targets and generate leads from clients. You can skip your repetitive task of creating an email. You know for sure the people to contact, when to contact them, and the status of previous emails sent. Connect 365 will help you avoid missing the opportunities for sales. You will save thousands of money from paying sale funnels and paid traffic. You can get a better result with this tool. Remember, it is the simplest way to get more clients (See more about LinkedSelling, The Appointment Generator).

Besides, if you buy this product through my link, you can also get these huge bonuses below (Please remember that these bonuses are not for the TRIAL or FREE versions):

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