Clickbank University 2.0 Review

Clickbank University 2.0 (CBU)

A turnkey online course in affiliate marketing for new and aspiring online vendors and marketers.

In this review, I will be taking a keen look at Clickbank University 2.0 – what it is, what it contains, if it is real or scam and what benefits, if any, if affords online vendors and marketers.

Clickbank University Version 2.0 implies there was a Version 1.0.  Indeed, there was!  Clickbank University was created by the dynamic duo of Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz.  The company which started in closed quarters in 1998 has now become a multi-billion dollar company in digital marketing.  The first version of Clickbank University was launched in 2014.  There is a symbiotic relationship between Clickbank and its affiliates.  The more money the affiliates make, the more money Clickbank also makes.  Therefore, Clickbank University is committed and dedicated to ensuring that its affiliates as successful and are making money.  Since its first launch, the company, of course, has made millions of dollars from its affiliates.  With the launch of Clickbank University 2.0, experiences garnished and successes made over the past few years, coupled inputs from internet marketing experts make Version 2.0 one to definitely look forward to.

What is Clickbank University 2.0?

Simply put, it is an online course designed to help you make money in online marketing specifically through affiliate or vendor marketing.  Yes, I know there are so many courses online that also claim to do just that.  Why and how is Clickbank University 2.0 different from them?  Because it is a TOTAL package – designed to ensure your absolute success and not just a simple course.  When you subscribe to CBU, you receive:

  • Step-by-step course videos
  • Interviews with Internet Experts
  • Amazing, effective internet and marketing tools
  • Bonuses
  • Fantastic support by phone and in the community

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Clickbank University 2.0 Course Contents

There are two main parts to the course: 1) the Affiliate Marketing training, and 2) the Vendor Training.

Affiliate Marketing Training

This is an 8-week course that teaches you all you need to know and do to succeed in affiliate marketing and make money from it.  You learn about how you can make money promoting other people’s products.  You can begin to make money immediately after completing the course.

Vendor Training

This is a fully-packed 12-week course designed to teach and train you on how to create and selling your own products on Clickbank.  The topics include:

  1. How everything works + setup for success.
  2. Finding your perfect product.
  3. Creating your avatar.
  4. Course content creation and sourcing.
  5. Your perfect upsell to maximize sales.
  6. High converting sales copy
  7. The “easy” Video Sales Letter (VSL)
  8. Finalizing your product via builder, etc.
  9. Getting up on Clickbank.
  10. JV managing.
  11. Split Testing.
  12. How to scale.
  13. Bonus: Selling high ticket product on webinars.

These topics are delivered by seasoned and experienced experts to ensure that you receive accurate hands-on knowledge, skills and training.

Additional Tools & Resources

Weekly Live Q & A Webinar

You get to participate in weekly live Q & A webinar sessions with the authors, Justin and Adam..  This webinar gives you the opportunity to ask questions and resolve concerns directly from them and the community at large.

Facebook Group

Available only to members, you are connected to hundreds of community members on Facebook where you can receive support and updates as well as share and receive insights in real live cases.

Specially Designed Adds-on Training

These are trainings on marketing-related topics such as Facebook marketing, video marketing or copywriting.  The trainings are designed to bring you up to speed with current practices, tweaks and best-practices in the area of focus.

Clickbank Builder 2.0 (Upsell)

You get access to this tool that helps you build your own sales page inside Clickbank and integrates it fully with the platform.  This saves you time and effort in building such pages directly yourself.

Clickbank Toolkit

A bouquet of assorted resources to help you run a successful online marketing business.  It includes special deals, pertinent services, tech specialists, “how-to” pdfs, starter and video guides, checklists and much more.

The Traffic Center

Learn how to generate unlimited, unrestricted traffic and clicks.  This video module is updated regularly to provide you with the latest tips and ideas on generating traffic.  You receive training on how to locate traffic and what you need to do to create a flow of traffic to your product offers.  Without traffic, it is impossible to make sales.  So this is a mandatory offer you should not miss.

Live Events

Every now and then, Clickbank organizes some special events for its VIPs.  As a valued Clickbank student, you can get to attend these events at a reduced cost.

The Funnel


This is a unique and reliable product from seasoned and experienced authors backed by an incredible team of internet marketing experts and successful community members, all ready to provide you with 1-on-1 support with the intent to ensure and guarantee your success.  What more can you ask for?

So whether you are an affiliate marketer or an online vendor, Clickbank University 2.0 is one package you must not overlook. (Learn How To Sell On Amazon)

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