Amazon FBA Ninja Course Review: Be an Amazon Ninja

Amazon FBA Ninja Course Review: Be an Amazon Ninja

I am tired of seeing fake gurus everywhere in the online world. They take advantage of people by deceiving them to invest in terrible products.

But, Amazon Ninja is different. Now I learned through the help of Kevin David.

Let’s just say it on purpose; the Amazon Ninja is the last Amazon FBA course that you need. No need for fake gurus, only Amazon Ninja.

Quick Information about Amazon FBA Ninja

  • Product: Amazon FBA Ninja
  • Description: An FBA Training course and Merch Training Course Bonus
  • Vendor: Kevin David
  • Guarantee: Money Back Guarantee for 30 days
  • Level needed: All levels
  • Rating: Highly recommended if you want to become an Amazon Ninja
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What is this course about?

Kevin David’s course is an only course that will walk you through on how to be successful in Amazon, and call yourself an Amazon Ninja. This course contains eight in-depth modules and three bonus modules that cover the essentials in selling products o Amazon, giving you meticulous details that start from A to Z.

Accessing this course is getting access to the blueprint and the case studies that the trainer applied in achieving the same business goals presented in the case studies. The system helped the participants to benefit from Amazon stores in the least effort way.

Moreover, the video contents make the training program standout which is also taken from the real-life experience of the author. So, if you want to become a Ninja, replicate his actions by applying your learning in your own business.

Also, in the training modules, you’ll learn the hard way in identifying and buying products that will enable you to earn a high amount of monthly income on Amazon and making your products rank at the first page.

Then the unreleased methods you will learn in this course can benefit you to increase your revenue and at the same time, reduce the costs.

Who is Kevin David?

Kevin David is the owner and the vendor of the Amazon FBA Ninja. He is a world-class speaker who has given many speeches in digital marketing and other presentations to sell products successfully on Amazon.

David’s latest training course on Amazon business promises to make you an Amazon Ninja. It already helped an unlimited number of entrepreneurs and agencies to succeed in the establishment and maintenance of their long-time and profitable online business.

What does the module consist?

Module 1 is about product research.

The first module gives the three-step process to find the traffic pulling products found on Amazon FBA. These are things to know before product research, tutorials on advanced research technique, and the things you need to know after the product research.

In this module, the trainer provides a thorough analysis of the products that are most converting, along with the primary reasons that led to a huge success. After all, you will be able to imitate the strategies in each module and apply all these in your own products.

Module 2 talks about suppliers and shipping.

In Module 2, you will learn practical methods to abstain yourself from spending an enormous amount of money by only applying the tricks for the manufacturers at a reasonable price and the cheapest products on Alibaba.

Module 2 consists of things to know before getting in touch with the supplier and the shipping, finding a world-class supplier and the shipping company, and the thing to know after finding your partners.

Furthermore, the module illustrates the secret for directly shipping the products from China to Amazon FBA storage, skipping the middlemen stage. Kevin pinpoints the ways to securely invest by finding an appropriate means of paying the manufacturers.

Module 3 is about listing optimization and ranking.

The lessons found in this module will uncover the tips to identify the exact keywords and the process of creating profitable campaigns.

Module 3 talks about the things that you have to do before you create a listing, how to do the creation of a world-class listing on Amazon that ranks high, and how to iterate, protect, and optimize your listing and your keyword continuously.

Furthermore, in module 3, you can figure out how to take a glance at backend keywords from competitors.

Module 4 is about strategy in launching the product.

This module leads you to a tour in the process of launching your Amazon products and instantly witness high sales.

Module 4 consists of the things that you need to know before you launch a product and launch a product in a proper way.

The most significant focus is to provide guidelines to come up with organic keywords to enhance sales performance. The trainer emphasizes how to take advantage of the Clickfunnel land on the page and the Facebook ads to increase the sales rates.

Module 5 pertains to making follow-up email and review.

Positive feedbacks or the customer’s reviews are a vital role in building trusts from your client. David chooses reviews to be the main topic of module five. You’ll learn how to collect extensive reviews for only $9 per month.

Module 5 consists of the things to know before creating email campaigns and how to create a world-class campaign to get your reviews.

Moreover, you can find some tricks to increase the number of your clients who keep coming back to your stores. Then, you will generate a whole list of your loyal clients who can buy the products repeatedly.

Module 6 is all about PPC and AMS.

Aside from products and customers, PPC is an essential factor for becoming a successful store owner on Amazon. Through the training modules, you’ll identify the long-tail keyword phrases relevant to your product.

Module 6 consists of the things that you need to know before setting up your Amazon PPC campaigns, ideas to create wildly profitable campaigns, and how to optimize your Amazon PPC campaigns.

Module 7 is a famous Facebook marketing.

This module specializes in presenting strategic methods to generate a group of Facebook audience with information taken from Amazon clients. Moreover, the Facebook marketing module exhibits a tricky Facebook tool which helps you create the target sales.

Module 7 consists of structuring the product following, using Facebook ads that drive the added traffic to the Amazon customers. There are also lessons about automation as well as scaling.

 Module 8 contains a millionaire’s seller hacks.

This module pays attention to small details that help polish your Amazon business more efficiently. Kevin will grant you a privilege to travel to being a prosperous seller of Amazon and leverage the little elements to attract more and more customers daily.

Module 8 consists of the seller central hacks, Amazon Ninja strategies, and how to beat any Amazon suspension.

Trust me; this is my favorite part of the module.

Bonus Module

By the way, if you think the eight modules are all, it’s not. There are modules for a bonus, and it is really worth it.

What about the Price?

The price of the Amazon Ninja course is $887, and if you purchase, you’ll get lifetime access to this training course. This is a cost-effective video on how to become an Amazon Ninja. Kevin is still giving away this course at an affordable price.

So, for some people, this can be a bit expensive, but to me, the contents of the course are worth the price. If you think it may help you succeed in your business which it does in me, then, why not invest?


Hello Kevin, My name is Parwez. I want to thank you so much for all the value you provide on your YouTube channel as well as your Facebook Group, you deserve to have so many followers and fans, your content is truly the best.
I wanted to share our best week ever thanks to the products you helped us find and GAVE US THE CONFIDENCE TO PURCHASE, thank you my friend.
Your Low Bid PPC Campaign changed our entire business in a week, we have since lowered our ACoS to 17% average and our organic sales are better than they have ever been.
God Bless You,

Parwez Ansari

I probably refreshed my sales 3000 times so I guess that counts, HUGE SHOUT OUT TO Kevin David still hard for me to believe these products sell that many times per day, I NEVER would have thought it hahah
I mean really who needs that many garlic presses ..;
But seriously the tips and tricks in here are insane, I’ve taken most of the courses out there and its black and white man, this dude knows his stuff and thats why hes making millions selling on Amazon when the other so called ‘Gurus’ make their money by SELLING COURSES, NOT selling on Amazon

Will Smith

Hey Ninja!
Man oh man – where do I start, I looked through about a thousand Junglescout products and thought I found some winners, your iTrack method probably saved me thousands, so few people in my circle even knew Junglescout was an estimate, I 999 tracked the ones I thought were winners and they turned out to just be running giveaways during when I was checking on JS which TOTALLY SCREWED UP the numbers.
So without you I’d probably be sitting with about 1000 units in inventory not selling right now.
Can’t thank you enough man here is our best ever week after our new products arrived…
Can’t believe it’s really happening man…


My Final Thoughts

The step-by-step training course is very informative, and you’ll get Kevin’s support along the way. You’ll get the tips and trick you’ll never see somewhere.

I am genuinely excited to get you started to become an Amazon Ninja and start seeing results in your increase sales.

Get your instant access now or never.

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